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Welcome to Swale Reeth Gundogs. All our dogs are working throughout the season. We work them on grouse, partridge, pheasant and water fowl, driven days as well as walked up days. We breed Pedigree Cocker Spaniel and Labrador Retriever working gundogs to the highest standards.

Swalereethgundogs specialise in working Labradors and Cockerspaniels. We are based in North Yorkshire, with The Yorkshire Dales and Moors on our doorstep. Easy access from the A1 (M) All our dogs are working throughout the season. We work them on grouse moor, partridge,pheasant and waterfowl. Driven days as well as walked up days. With many years experience working, breeding and training both Labradors and Cockerspaniels, it is our aim to ensure breed to the highest standards, and in as far as it is possible, that dogs and buyers are compatible. That the requirements and needs of both are met in order to produce a happy co-existence and good working relationship for many years to come. Talk to us now, our advice is free and our experience invaluable. Nationwide and International sales enquiries welcome. Visits are welcome by appointment.

Cocker puppies available 27th January 2018

SwaleReeth Gundogs in action.

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